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The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) and its annual exhibition – for 2013 the exhibition is held in the Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona. With artists from all over the world exhibiting and/or in attendance, this was a world class exhibition in a stunning gallery space.

Interviews included Living Master Artists (Art Renewal Guild) Don Clapper, Vala Ola, Mary Jane Q. Cross and Ed Copley live from Tempe, AZ. The host is Dianemarie (DM) Collins of The DM Zone and production is by DM Productions LLC.

'Moonlight' by Donald Clapper
‘Moonlight’ by Donald Clapper

The International Guild of Realism was founded by a group of leading professional realism artists from around the globe in 2002 with four goals:
• Recognizing the best realists working today
• Creating exhibition opportunities
• Providing technical and promotional support
• To offer a bridge between art collectors and the highest quality realist art, created by our members
Our mission is to advance realism in fine art through museum exhibitions, art gallery shows, workshops and education programs conducted by our Members, marketing support and Internet exposure.

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