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Cinenovel is a new, highly imaginative genre of storytelling created specifically for the iPad. The Cinenovel concept tastefully blends literature with visual aspects of cinema and full audio to enhance the reading experience in dynamic new ways, on a scale never before seen with full-length fiction.

Cinenovel is a selective, craft publisher dedicated to making the highest caliber original stories and classics of literature accessible to a broad audience through its innovative presentation.

“The Plunge of Icarus”

In the not too distant future, on the Isle of Crete in the Aegean Sea, a modern Mount Olympus has been resurrected as an Air Force superpower. The pilots here have been raised since birth to believe they are the new Greek gods, fighting a never ending war. Icarus is Olympus’ most decorated pilot. Calloused by war the young flyer has never questioned what it is he does. All of that changes one day in a revelation high above the clouds that begins to unravel the labyrinth of mysteries surrounding the war. Icarus inadvertently discovers love as he is plunged into a conscience about killing.

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