Rowena Poitier Sutherland is the niece of Academy Award Winner actor Sidney Poitier. Rowena also has a strong history in film, stage, and more. Rowena was a judge for the Rome International Film Festival and Dianemarie Collins brought her to The DM Zone for an interview.

Rowena Poitier-Sutherland, spouse of Ronald Sutherland II, is a proud wife and mother of two. Rowena is an actor, teacher, scholar, global humanitarian, Afest member and entrepreneur, having worked in Social Theatre around the world for more than 10 years.

She has had a hand in empowering children, young adults and women on both sides of the meridian on real world challenges, ranging from child sex slavery across African and American states or the empowerment of former gang members through reconciliation and entrepreneurship in East Los Angeles’ rural areas, to remote education through the arts and media in Namibia, and other regions.

Rowena currently served the Bahamas Government as the youngest Director of Culture in Bahamian history at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture. Her primary focus for the Bahamas and the Caribbean region, is to educate women and girls through the arts and media, while directly combating incest, domestic violence and transactional relationships with primary and high school aged girls. Issues that are currently rampant in our society, and have been for decades.

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