It’s the biggest trophy in the art world — the Goddess of Art Award. This is the OSCAR for an artist — the pinnacle achievement for a master artist. It is a custom sculpture by Vala Ola, a living master artist as determined by the Art Renewal Center. The statue weighs over 20 pounds and is nearly 24 inches in height. We will bring the award sculpture for the interview, too.

Master artists from all over the world have submitted their artwork to be judged by Art Industry experts — with the winner receiving the coveted Goddess of Art Award. Scottsdale will host artists and artwork from throughout the United States, Italy, Mexico, Norway Australia, the Ukraine, Iceland and other countries. And there is a great charity auction slated to raise tens of thousands of dollars for an Art Therapy Program for Veterans with PTSD — an outreach program of the Arizona Art Alliance.

Sculpture by Vala Ola
Sculpture by Vala Ola
Vala Ola is an artist who passionately and relentlessly seeks to create artworks that show her dedication to excellence. Her classical training in Europe is reflected in her art. Her figurative bronze sculptures are noted for their depth of expression and emotion. The high quality of her sculpted form has earned her great respect among art appreciators. HD Video of Vala sculpting in her Arizona studio:

“The bronze gives me an opportunity to mold the sense of life into an everlasting form. From the force of a muscle in motion to a tender human emotion expressed. That along with the abstract quality of composition is what inspires me.””

The American Society of Traditional Artists (ASTA) Show & Sale
ASTA is privileged to have several of the world’s finest artists that have been recognized as Living Masters by the Art Renewal Center. Quite simply, these are Modern Day Old Masters who will form the basis on which our culture of art is defined.

Innocence by Ed Copley - On Canvas
Innocence by Ed Copley – On Canvas
ARC Living Master™ (A.R.C.L.M.) – The artist has dedicated themselves to becoming a realist artist with the wish to express our shared humanity through the visual arts. In addition, an ARC Living Master™ has mastered all of the building blocks of great art as defined in the ARC Artist™ description, creating fully professional works of art, as well as some identifiable masterpieces. Beyond that, they have successfully created a body of work which demonstrates accomplished facility in their craft that compares to the masters of prior centuries. Their work demonstrates strong, reliable, poetic sensibilities which intertwine great universal subjects, powerful original compositions and mastery over all aspects of the craft, working seamlessly to enhance the chosen subject. They repeatedly are able to “suspend disbelief” in the viewer eliciting empathy which is rooted in our shared humanity.

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