1208678_330173777126030_1837913465_nThe DM Zone: Interview with Brazilian Author Maia Daguerre with The ChicLits with Danielle Hampson (The Author Show) and host Dianemarie (DM) Collins of The DM Zone.

Maia Daguerre is a writer, singer and songwriter. She is 39 years old, but feels she has been here for a thousand years. She was born in Brazil, but is an inhabitant of the world.

She released four albums in Brazil, Europe and US, two of them with her rock band called Telepathique.

Her first novel was published in Portugal, in 2006, by Editora Fenda. Until 2013, all her works were done under her birth name: Mylene Pirez, or Myle Areal. For four years, she managed a hostel, in her own beautiful house in Rio de Janeiro located just right beneath the famous “Christ the Redeemer Statue,” who is blessing her and her family ever since. In 2014, she rented her house to travel around the world. Her first stop was California, where she and her husband, Walter Daguerre.

Currently she is working on many different projects as her soul likes and asks her to do. Finishing a DVD she recorded with ancient Portuguese songs. Finishing her second novel “Hoasca,” a collection of short stories related to the use of the sacred drink “Ayahuasca” by Brazilian natives of the Amazon forest. Maia is currently recording a TV documentary about holy places around the world.

And … Maia is hoping “The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time” will be a return to prayer, a return to hymn, a book of connection with the divine energy that surrounds all beings.

Title: The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time

There is always a market for timeless spiritual issues like prayer. This book can serve as a reference source for people with advanced degrees in religion – pastors, rabbis or professors who read voraciously. Women have an innate capacity for compassion which develops in women deeper levels of compunction, penance and prayer – so women are a big part of our target audience.
Books like Eat Pray Love effectively targeted the female audience by offering solutions to maintain the body/soul unity via effective forms of devotion including prayer. Believers, seekers of truth, faith leaders … there are more than 4,000 religions in the world today and different religions pray differently. This collection of prayers is not tied to any specific religion.

The Synopsis:
The purpose of the book is to bring together, in the same compilation, prayers of all spiritual traditions that have existed and still exist today in the world. Because the act of praying has always been present in humans, the book brings not only spiritual concerns, but also cultural, and in this sense “The Most Powerful Prayers of All Time” is not a book about religion. There are many prayer books – bound each with its dogmatic sources, but few have been dedicated to understand prayer as a profoundly human act, and therefore extends far beyond the moral and religion. Thus, the purpose of this book is also be an ecumenical material on man’s desire to get in touch with something that inwardly know to be bigger than himself and that has been treated by several names through time: God, Allah, Buddha, Higher Self, Christ, Jehovah…

Diversity within the unity or unity within diversity is a very contemporary topic. A good topic for readers of the XXI century. Although the forms of expression differ from culture to culture, the search for this intimate talk with God was always one, expressed by the desire of human beings for transcendence, for peace and universal love. In an increasingly chaotic world, on a planet on the edge of a radical transformation, never seen before, being able to get in touch with this book is like a balm and comfort to the body and to the soul. Forged over many years of civilization, these prayers work as an attempt to see others and ourselves as equals and unique as a bridge for the expansion of consciousness.

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