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While in Coronado, Panama the DM Zone caught up with one of the most interesting musicians in the world – Les Fradkin. Sure Les plays the guitar, but lately he has been rocking the music world with the ZTAR. #Rock, #Progressiverock, #Poprock, #Surfmusic, #Folkrock, #Instrumentalrock, #Jangle, #Neoclassicism

Les Fradkin (born 1951) is an American MIDI guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, composer, and record producer. He is best known for being a member of the original cast of the hit Broadway show Beatlemania. In addition to playing MIDI guitar, he plays 12 string guitar, the Starr Labs Ztar, guitar synthesizer, SynthAxe, Hammond organ, Mellotron, piano, bass guitar, and Moog synthesizer.

Les Fradkin was an Original Cast Lead Guitarist of the hit Broadway Show “Beatlemania”. Fradkin appeared in over 1000 performances as lead guitarist. The show debuted in Boston at The Colonial Theatre in April 1977 and opened for previews on May 26, 1977 at The Winter Garden Theater in New York City. Quickly achieving sellout status without ever having an official “opening night”, the Beatlemania band and the musical saw great success and worldwide publicity in Time Magazine, People Magazine, Us Magazine, Newsweek and Rolling Stone Magazine.


Producer: MGM Records, Sunflower Records, Bell Records, RCA Records, RRO Entertainment, ESP Disk, Sutra Records, Laurie Records, 3C Records, EMI Special Markets

Composer/Songwriter: April Blackwood (CBS), Leo Feist (MGM), Vibar Music, Spirit Music Group, Laurie House Music, Elf Music, Ltd., Fradkin 2000 Music, Score Productions (ABC-TV), EMI Music Session

Musician and Musical Arranger: New York City, Los Angeles, London (UK), Denver, CO, Nashville, TN, Boston, Mass.

Specialties: Production, Arranging, MIDI Programming, Guitar, MIDI Guitar, Mellotron

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