Host DM Collins of the DM Zone interviews the LoCash Cowboys and talks Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, how they got their name, Little Miss Crazy Hot and The Best Seat in the House.

There is certainly no argument that the LoCash Cowboys are persistent. From an indie album in 2008, to three singles on the defunct R&J/Stroudavarious label between 2010 and 2011, and now three more singles for Average Joes Entertainment — not to mention co-writer’s credits on “Truck Yeah” and “You Gonna Fly” — the Cowboys are certainly making a lot of noise. “Here Comes Summer” and “You Got Me” hinted at an above-average skill with fun party tunes, while “Keep in Mind” showed the duo’s more sensitive side with a father-child perspective. And that same perspective shows up again (only inverted) on the duo’s latest, “Best Seat in the House.”

The song starts off subtly, with open-ended lines like “I could see you every time I close my eyes / And I feel you in my heart and I hear you in my mind” that hint at no more than the loss of someone. But come the chorus, the details like baby’s first steps, little league games, and learning how to drive make it clear that the subject matter is the narrator’s departed father. The string of details continues through the second verse and chorus, filling in the later years of the narrator’s childhood and early adulthood: Friday night football games, senior prom, graduation day, wedding day, and so on Through it all, the father has always had “the best seat in the house” to watch his son grow up. And now that the father has passed on, he still has “the best seat in the house” when watching his son from up in Heaven. Altogether, the lyrical buildup and payoff are nothing short of impressive, making the song a true standout even among others of its ilk. Also helping considerably are an unobtrusive production, with little more than piano and electric guitar, allowing plenty of room for the Cowboys’ airtight harmonies.

I’ve liked everything I’ve heard with the LoCash Cowboys name on it so far (yes, I even liked “Truck Yeah” — so sue me), but “Best Seat in the House” is a true highlight. Although its subject matter is well-worn, it has a passion, heart, and relatability, not to mention a superb structure, to make it really stand out on radio. It should have no trouble becoming a hit in the months to come, but even if radio somehow inexplicably passes it up, it will no doubt touch a lot of hearts.

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